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The management of the Ladies Apparel Store (Ghasr e arshia , Burda, Tandis) is proud to have a wealth of ideas with long-term goals and more than a decade of continuous experience in the garment industry, with ingenuity and design in the production of topcoat and other Ladies garments are at your service to provide you with the shortest time of the best quality and the most suitable price in your cart.

In the best location in terms of ease of purchase, customers began their activities by establishing the Arshia Shop in 81 and opening the first brand of the “Ghasr e arshia” in the year 82, then, given your satisfaction and satisfaction, your dear customers Establishment of the second branch of this collection “Burda” in the year 89. Then, in the year 93, he stepped further, and with the production and supply of products unique to this brand, another brand of “Tandis” with special facilities added to this family.

The management and staff of this complex are proud to be pleased with the knowledge of the day and the most advanced sewing equipment and cooperation with well-known designers of the country, in the shadow of your usual support. Dear customers, We have declared you our satisfaction many times and again, in a solid commitment and commitment. To meet the wishes of your loved ones, take taller steps.

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Branch 1 ( GHasr e Arshia  ) : opposite the Mosque of Al-Jawad, Sabzeh Square , Rasht, Gilan Province , Iran

Tel : +98 13 33241144      [Call Us]

Postal Code : 4139853111

Branch 2 ( Burda ) : next to Museum , Taleghani Ave ( Bistoon ), Rasht, Gilan Province , Iran

Tel : +98 13 33231115

Postal Code : 4154786341

Branch 3 ( Tandis ) : Corner of Pasargad Shopping center,  Alam-O-Al-Hoda St , Rasht, Gilan Province , Iran

Tel : +98 13 33227795

Postal Code : 4154634316

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